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Originally Posted by lisatodd View Post
i think i will go about it the same way this time. our biggest problem in my area is PETA. they will come to my home (which is fine.....I DON'T KNOW THEY ARE WITH PETA UNTIL THEY LEAVE) they will bring their whole family and stay for about three hours playing with the puppies, asking lots lots lots of questions, look around my home and they leave giving me a card with PETA on it.

it is fine if they want to ck me out but don't stay at my home or lie to me stating you are interested in a puppy. with my last litter i had three come by my home

**** remember, my area is where peta was taking animals from aspca and vet offices and killing them and dumping them in dumpsters****

i have nothing to hide but i am going to make a rule "1 hour"
OMG i thought peta was trying to save animals why would they kill animals?? did i misread this?
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