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Originally Posted by mookiemurphy View Post
Murphy's test turned out fine.
Now the vet is changing his diet to science diet to V/D.
For sensitive stomachs. I have been trying to feed him every 6-7 hours.
Just like you suggested for Willie. Also Pepcid at night. 20min before feeding.
So far so Good! I agree that these small breeds have Gerd/Acid. I do hear his stomach growl. He also has allot of energy and I think burns up his food
as quickly as he eats.
The vet said if he throws up again she wants to do an ultrasound?
What do you think.
Thanks for any input.
An ultrasound is a reasonable thing to do if the vomiting continues. That way, they can see if there is anything wrong with the digestive tract. It is painless and noninvasive, and does not require anesthesia. Here is a link to a good article about ultrasound examination of dogs:
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