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Hey KimK, lets learn together! I am getting 2 (siblings) next month and it will be an adventure. Mine will be the same age, but it will probably still be a similar experience. Mine are mixes so they will have tails and I am so happy about that. I wish my 9 year old Yorkie had a tail, but he came to me as an adult and I had no say in it. If I were to get another purebred Yorkie I would want it to have a tail.

We will have to give each other hints. I am preparing an area for the puppies now as they will be coming into a home with a yorkie and also an English Setter and I want to keep the puppies mostly separate for a little while to let my two older guys adjust to the fact that there are 2 puppies in the house.

Mine are coming home late May or so.

Good luck!
It's raining Yorkies here! LOL Teek ,Rowan , Raksha (Grand Puppy) , Raelyn
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