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Originally Posted by Lilah Charm View Post
Sometimes I am tempted! Like when I hear about this great dog tv but beside the additional expense of a cable bill (or whatever the services are these days) and I am sure I do not need another bill, I don't imagine realistically that I would have either physical time- we run a pretty tight ship over here- or truly often even the mental capacity to enjoy it! Some nights I feel like I could relax and fold laundry and watch some show but often my brain is so full regulating life details, I can't imagine fitting anymore noises into it! That said- jeannie, I am depending on you and other yt'ers to jeep me up to date on the fun things coming up or that I missed, I always enjoy reading about it
Maybe just get TV, an HD hookup for local channels and Google TV - so you can watch anything online right on your TV. You can access the World Dog Awards show, which is online, YouTube with endless - and I do mean endless, dog videos on it so that is all you need ever watch. Plus, with Google Chromecast, as I understand it, you can make any YouTube movies or shows or videos you watch on that website or any other website actually play on your TV. Britster has Google Chromecast, I think.

Check out YouTube for all the dog and other free TV shows and movies you can watch there - or on your TV with Google Chromecast.

Google Dog TV and go to their website and it explains their programming, how it appeals to dogs, etc. Google Google Chromecast and find out all about it. A TV need not involve a cable or satellite bill these days. Plus, if you want, you can buy individual movies online and play them on your TV if Google Chromecast works like it says it works.
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