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Look I support any decision you make. But try if you can to think also with your mind intellect. You wanted a break from 17 or so years of cat ownership, you were happy with your dog. Your dog Will get over your kitty going away, as my puppy got over the older foster young dog finally finding a former home.

Just weigh the pros n cons dispassionately and without too much emphasis on your pup loving to play with kitty. Trust me he will get over her going away.

I am in the opposite position having lost my beloved Karma last year, I am aching for a new kitten, but I am not sure the timing is right. My reason tells me what you have is enough, it is not the right time, wait, my heart says I want the special love a cat gives. I deeply miss Karma, my doggies not so much, although two of my doggies grew up and were trained by my senior cat from their puppyhood.

Karma taught my senior male as a puppy to stalk prey, as a team Karma open a door from underside, Magic used his superior height and strength to get to delicious treats or toys hidden behind the cupboard. Karma could open up anything and Magic would patiently wait till that box was opened to delve into the insides. They were very very close. But Karma died and Magic went on with hardly a hiccup.

Anyhoo the point is I think your boy will survive the kitty going away. It is up to you to determine if you are ready and willing to give the care and love to another kitty for 15 or so years. Don't make the decision on what *you think* your dog wants or even needs, but as the caretaker and caregiver on what you are ready, willing and able to support.
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