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Originally Posted by miabellaamoure View Post
For those who think shooting these dogs is remotely humane, may I suggest you read how the lives of 100 sled dogs were killed due to a slump in tourism in British Columbia...real humane!

100 Sled Dogs Killed In British Columbia Due To Slump In Tourism

This article proves my point...that it took repeated shots to take their target down and even that wasn't always enough and so other measures were taken to finish the killings...btw, is British Columbia impoverished?
I read that and was heartbroken. With that said and in no way do I condone this act, but with all of that said we cannot compare what this company did in a dollar and sense thing because they were not longer making money for him, to what an impoverished country is doing.

My thoughts are that death is certainly a better alternative then starving and suffering, however the death these dogs are going to face is certainly not going to be a humane one.

However, what alternative would they have for 10,000 feral dogs? I would think it would be hard to get near them to catch them let alone be able to administer a humane drug to put them down.

Again, I don't condone any of it and do feel that some of the problem lays on the country for letting it get this out of control, but do not think it can be compared to what a company did to these sled dogs to prevent further dollar loss.

I pray for these dogs and hope God shows mercy and allows them to die quick, although I know that is probably not going to happen.

I wish there was more that can be done or something to be done to help these animals, but there are so many countries such as China who use dogs and cats as food that are inhume. Do you know in China, they torture the animals before killing them because they believe it brings out flavor or that they skin cats and dogs alive and then boil them also while still alive to preserve the flavor. Not trying to upste anyone, just saying that to me that is an even more inhume thing to do. With this it involves a country who truly do not know what to do or how to control the situation. Again, not making excuses or condoning, just saying there are so many things that are inhumane, even more so then this that is allowed to go on.

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