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Originally Posted by JayS View Post
Yeah we want to get her used to the cold, but we have taken her out there 10+ times and she hasn't gone outside, she just went 5 minutes ago inside the house. When we take her outside she will sit/stand and shiver and I feel bad for taking her outside in the cold but I know we have to get her used to it, but I just can't figure out why she won't go once she is outside.

I also have the cold weather problem where I live.....the snow is literally taller/higher than my dog!

With Daisy, the great outdoors is just too distracting for her to concentrate on going potty right now. Think of having a super sensitive nose and going outdoors in 30 degree temps while you are naked to use the restroom! More confusion than concentration, right?

Potty training is still such a new experience, even at 6 months! I have found that the potty pads let me react immediately if Daisy starts to go on the floor.....then, instead of being reprimanded, she is praised and given a treat for finishing her business on the papers. Positive and immediate reinforcement is the name of the game for her, at least until the weather improves.
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