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Originally Posted by ladyjane View Post
I have had a few older pups come into my home as fosters with horrible teeth and also with other medical conditions.

I am not sure how bad his murmur is, but if he is left with infected gums like that, he will end up with serious problems and will die anyway.

We always do the dentals on them because they are going to die if we do not. We do a full blood panel on them to make sure nothing really awful is going on. Then, the vet runs fluids during the procedure. I personally feel it is best to get those nasty teeth out so that they have a chance at a bit of a life. If they die during the anesthesia at least they did not suffer. I am sure people will think my outlook is strange, but I know what will happen to them if we don't get the infection out! I can think of two old men offhand who came to me like that....we gave them a good life until the end because we got those awful teeth out! One of them was Winston, a pup that many YTers watched and loved! He came out of the anesthesia ready to romp! It was so was like he was SO happy to get those teeth out!

I don't know how bad that murmur is, but I would probably take him to a cardiologist for an opinion!

Just my thoughts.
I agree with getting the nasty teeth out, we made tha.t decision over a year ago with our 14 yr old...Although she suffered with kidney failure too, We lost her 30 days later...I feel we made the right decision considering....At least we gave her the opportunity at a chance..
Dudley Doo and Dexter too!!!
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