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Originally Posted by dwerten View Post
yep metro and tylan powder help dogs with inflammatory bowel disease as they have an anti-inflammatory agent in them so yes both would help an ibd dog but once they stop the antibiotic the diarhea starts again -- I have an ibd dog but his ibd is in the small intestines and i have a colitis, allergy ibd dog so I know a ton about this
yeah i would not vaccinate for this nor would i ever vaccinate for dental as well -- I am dealing with the same thing since metacam as my girl got sick and colitis and ibd from a metacam incident where vet gave her metacam on empty stomach while on steroids -- i got in a argument with him as i wanted tramadol for her hurt leg and i trusted him and should not have as I knew better so she has been having off and on diarhea since feb and due to her allergies ims thinks she has ibd as well and colitis flairs up - prior to that one dose of metacam never had diarhea like this -- it is very frustrating. She will have one good poop then another then diarhea and she is on probiotics and ibd food which is a hydrolized soy diet that my boy with ibd is on as well. It normally makes very hard poops yet she is battling the runny ones. My next step is tylan powder which i am trying to avoid as do not want to do long term antibiotics as if she gets immune then where am I but some ibd dogs if they cannot control with diet have to go on tylan powder and tylan is better than metro as it is dosed down lower than metro per ims as metro has to be compounded for toy breeds
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