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Originally Posted by manolos mom View Post
She weights 6 lbs and takes 1/4 250mg 2xdayx14 days. I bet she has Giardia. Where can I get probiotic?Whats a good kind of Yogurt.
many dogs are lactose intolerant and the yogurt can make the situation worse so i would use a powder probiotic -- i use dds plus from the vitamine shoppe 2 capsules every day first thing in the morning it has acidopholus, biffidus and fos

Is it bloody diarhea as giardia is bloody diarhea if not i would think with all the fecals you have done if you have done a few they would have picked up giardia by now as giardia is hard to detect but if you do a few fecals it eventually shows up but my understanding is it also is a blood diarhea
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