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Originally Posted by manolos mom View Post
My Lola has not had a normal bowel movement in while. Yes she is seen by the vet. They ran a stool sample and everything came out normal, no parasites. She is on metrondazole 250mg. This seems to help only while she is taking it. The runny stool keeps coming back. Any other suggestions for my vet? I'm taking her in tomorrow. She is only eats Canadae dry and water. And has for about 3 years. I cant give her anything else. But even with the dry food her bowel movement its still very runny. She is not losing weight and not dehydrated and runs around playing like a puppy. Her energy level is great! What could this be. Anyone?
it is the canidae as have read in past dogs have had diarhea on that food. If everything else is ruled out it is food. It is probably ibd as dogs can eat a food for 3 years and become intolerant of it as ibd is a food intolerance. I would switch the food to natural balance venison and sweet potato for 12 weeks and see if you see a difference because if it is ibd and you do not switch the food you may have to do tylan powder which is worse as a lifetime antibiotic. Also you should be using probiotics as well every morning 30 min before food as it puts good bacteria into the digestive tract to balance out the bad and it provides a healthy environment for the intestines. Inflammatory bowel disease will never show up on any blood work or fecal it is process of elimination when a dog has runny stools. Colitis is also tied to it as well. If a dog has diarhea it is ibd in large intestines if vomitting it is ibd in small intestines
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