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Originally Posted by kjc View Post
What is her weight and the script for metro? Or my 8-11.5 pounders do 1/4 250mg 2xdaily x 5days. Sometimes this is not enough, and my vet said to extend the schedule to 12-14 days. Whenever it rains mine pick up some bug in my yard, I'm thinking Giardia ... it can be carried in rain drops falling on leaves and stuff. We don't even do fecals for it unless I notice something unusual, I do them every 6 months anyway for my peace of mind. Not all things can be seen on flotations, or did they do a direct? It also depends on the organism. With frequent diarrhea, it is possible that the organism has been flushed partially from her bowel at the time the fecal sample is obtained. Then what is left further up begins reproducing again. You should give her a probiotic (or yogurt if she can handle dairy)during and after any antibiotic treatment to re-establish the good bacteria in her gut. Hope this helps ...
She weights 6 lbs and takes 1/4 250mg 2xdayx14 days. I bet she has Giardia. Where can I get probiotic?Whats a good kind of Yogurt.
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