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Originally Posted by WalnutHill View Post
Sounds like a blockage in the stomach or intestines to me - like he ate something he can't digest - part of a toy or any number of things.

If it is still going on tomorrow, get him to the vet and they can try to get whatever it is out. I have seem Yorkies swallow yarn, arms of toys, crayons, etc. If the ob ject doesn't pass, it can cause major problems. The symptoms you describe are spot on with my experience.
I agree! This is exactly how my Great Pyrenees acted after he swallowed a rock...yes a rock! We took him in immediately and the vet told us that if we had waited too long it can cause parts of the intestines to die and have to be removed as well...which can cause so dogs to have overly sensitive tracks and get diarrhea a lot easier than others and with a GP you don't want that mess! PLEASE, take him into the vet (I wish I seen this sooner, but haven't been on much with my injured baby). Please, update us when you can.
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