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I am so sorry you had to go though that. I am never saying anything bad about my vets every any. We don't have a 24 hour vet here open, very small town. But I had something that wake me up at 12 am and I just knew something was wrong. When I got down the hall I saw Ace my male Yorkie which was about 6 months old and he could not walk or do anything. I knew that it was his sugar becuase of how small he was and I had heard and read all about it. But I had never seen it for myself. I was scraming for my husband to get up and find the vet HOME phone number. I was giveing Ace sugar water, and nur-cal. I got the vet on the phone told him to please meet me at his office and he did. By the time I got ace to the office the nur-cal had kicked in and he was back to walking but was still alittle slow. We did blood work and I went home feed him some soft canned food, went back the next day to pay my bill of $150. So we have some good caring vets. But they know me very good.
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