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I understand why she is upset. It is a very hard thing to go through when your animal is sick, and it grows even harder when the bill reaches high amounts. Two years ago easter, I brought my 2 year old border collie in because he had a seizure and he ended up dying there that day. The bill was over three hundred dollars and I got a dead friend in exchange. They were very nice and sensitive to how I was feeling and I greatly appreciated what they did for me that day. I truly believe that if someone is going to dedicate eight or more years of there life learning about animals I am sure they have the best intentions and I'm sure everything they do is necessary. I just don't think it is someone elses call (who isn't as educated) to decide what is essential to make their animals better. I'm sorry I was so rudely blunt about it, it just really upsets me to hear someone complain about these people because they dedicate there lives to do there best to save animals lives. I know it's pricey, but if you ask them (which I did because over three hundred dollars seemed a lot)the company is a corporation, and the employees don't decide the prices or policies.
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