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I don't want to start a battle here but Yodygirl has been through a lot. We all know emergency vets are expensive and we all love our babies. When emergencies happen, we want what is best for our precious babies. I took Scooter to the emergency vet about a week ago and price was not an issue. I would have paid anything for my baby to be ok but you better be sure I was checking every last price on the $900 vet bill. Some prices were excessive but my guy was OK. I think Yogygirl's point is that the charges were excessive and the vet was not meeting her needs. We all have issues with the price of our personal healthcare, with or without insurance. I do not know Yodygirl but I believe her point is that she was carefully monitoring the bill and when certain charges were supposed to be removed and the price never changed, that is just wrong.

Don't take this the wrong way Audkat but you just signed on to write the post for the first time ever...How can we be sure you don't work for the clinic? Your answer is very harsh and you are being mean spirited to not only Yodygirl but many others who have been through the ringer with different vets. YT is a community where we all can speak openly and I appreciate hearing your side. I respectfully disgree with it though. She had enough sense to take a sick dog to the vet in a time of need....and it may be the only emergency vet in the area so she had no choice. My bet is after all that she has been through, she now has her regular vets cell number and will just call him/her the next time. Please be respectful of others opinions and don't attack someone. This is a FRIENDLY community and we are all here to share and learn from each other.
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