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We had Mojo neutered the week of Thanksgiving.....we dropped him off at 9am (the lastest they would let us) and we picked him up at 1pm that day (just because the vet knows how I am)....when we picked him up...he was so alert and hyper...when we got him, he was groggy from the meds. The next day, it was as if NOTHING had happened to him. The day after that, was Thanksgiving and he went with us to my parents and you would have never guessed it had this done.

COURSE, all dogs recover differently too. I kept a baby onesie on him to make sure he didn't lick the surgery spot.

Me...I probably wouldn't leave him alone, but that is just me and I am a freak sometimes about his comfort, etc....

Call your vet....and see what they say...or see if the appt can get changed...if you are uncertain!
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