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I know exactly what you mean about the house being too quite! I grew up with my guy and I just can handle a house without a fur babie under foot I think it was probably easier on me to loose my Poodle because we made the decision! I can't imagine how hard it would be if you didn't expect it to happen! I am soo glad that your heart is healing! I can tell Stedman is your baby, BTW I love all the photo slide shows you have posted of him! I don't know if I commented all of them but he is soo cute!

I just wanted to ad that we didn't make the decision lightly whatsoever, just to clarify for anyone who reads this and may think I am a bad fur mommy. My little guy, Jo Jo was his name was throwing up blood and pooping blood he was constantly yelping and there was nothing we could do, we tried medicine the vet gave us but nothing helped him to feel better. In the end we decided that letting him go was showing him more love than making him suffer with us!! It was a hard decision but when you look in those eyes that are just begging for rest and to be pain free what else could we do!

Phew, okay back on something more light-hearted. His memory will always be with me and I had soo many years of love with him!

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