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1. Jack was listed in the paper as a 5-year-old, healthy, frisky Yorkie rescue.
2. He was actually 10, had a severe cranial cruciate injury, only had use of 3 legs, had only a few teeth, had a degenerative eye disease, very thin hair and was terribly atrophied.
3. We encouragement and support from YTers, we rescued him anyway.
4. He had surgery.
5. His fast recovery stunned the vet, whose office had dubbed him "chicken legs."
6. He now beats Eddie up a double flight of stairs.
7. He has thick, gorgeous hair.
8. He wants to please more than any dog I've ever owned.
9. He's happy.
10. His real name is Cuddles, but I changed it to Jack Daniels to sound more macho. Then he proved himself as an Alaska dog and I changed it to Yukon Jack.
Mike ~ Doting Dad to Jillie, Harper, Eddie (RIP), Lucy (RIP), Rusty (RIP) and Jack (RIP). Check us out on YouTube
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