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I bought Millie's car seat before I even got her so she has been using it since 12 wks old. It took her over a year to really get used to it and be ok with it. (I also think part of the adjustment was being in the car, she really did not care that much for it) She would jump out of it to get to me, she would whine so we would pick her up and hold her in our laps, she would jump out of it and hang out on the back seat floor. She was the biggest worrywart. It helped to move her seat from the side of the back seat to the middle of the back seat. She was closer to us that way.

She still gets ansey if sunlight gets directly on her. We call her the "vampire" because she hates to be hit with the sunlight. I am seriously considering putting that black film on the windows just because of her.

But when it's all said and done, I am happy I got it. Because she now likes to sit up and look out the windows and look all around. She likes to move around in it and it's better for her do it there instead of on my lap. Also, it's a place for her to sleep when we have to leave her in the car.
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