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Default Helpful Hints and Tips

My grandmother sent these to me, so I thought I would share.....haven't tried any of them........

Cooking Odors - place bowl of vinegar on counter overnight

Refrigerator Smells - 3 cotton balls in bowl w/ vanilla extra overnight

Get Sand off easily after a day at the beach - sprinkle with baby powder and then brush off

Clean Garden Tools - Flower pot with sand (put dirty ends in - sand keeps clean and rust free)

Minor Burns - thick paste of baking soda and water - immediately put on

Poison Ivy - wipe skin with rubbing alcohol - as soon as possible

Noxzema - takes the sting/itch from bug bites

Ingrown Hairs - grainy body scrub (but not after wax or shaving)

Peeling Tan/Sunburn - mix equal parts aloe & sugar to paste, scrub and rinse
Sunburn - green tea bags into cool bath or soak rag in green tea

Travelers diarrhea - ask Dr. for Cipro

D-Cycloserine - increases learning (antibiotic)

Wax Paper - use as tracing paper, place over ice cream and place lid back on to keep from forming ice crystals, rub stuck zipper (unstick) & dull floors (to shine)

Baby food applesauce contains more antioxidants (ground peel) than other sauces

Healthy Eating:
Grapefruit Juice - One small glass at each meal
Spinach - 2 cups daily
Eat ONE cup bell peppers daily!!!
Oranges - 3 times a week, have a glass of juice -
Grate Orange peels into salads, desserts, meals
Sweet Potatoes - very good
Carrots - juice is better than eating one
Grape juice - 2 times a week
Blueberries - ½ cup every other day

EAT: veggies, lean/organic meat/fish, green tea, potatoes, eggs, unsweetened yogurt, rice/millet/quinoa/kamut grains (look for these in breads/pastas)
DON‘T EAT: bread, nuts (except almonds), wheat, alcohol, diary, red meat, sugar, aged cheese, mushrooms
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