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Originally Posted by chocolatecoffee
Well, my little Cannelle is quite a mystery. She was originally sold in a pet store as a Maltese/Chihuahua X, then the rescue I adopted her from said she was mostly Maltese except for her colouring (I do see some resemblance between her and my Maltese), and then my trainer said she sees some Yorkie. So I was hoping you guys could tell me if you see any Yorkie in there (I don't think I do, but I don't know much about the breed!)!

So...what do the experts think?


(P.S. I tend to go crazy with pictures...)
The first and fourth pic (to me) look like yorkie "poses," but that's my uneducated opinion. I'm not an expert.

Welcome to YT!!! You do have a cutie pie, whatever breed she is!
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