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It depends on the size of your dog, I would guess.

Tell your butcher what kind of dog(s) you have and ask him what size bones you should be giving them. He should know.

M&M's are about 3" in diameter and only about 1/2" thick but our girls aren't but about 8 lbs each.

Muffie has a strong bite for a Yorkie but she's never splintered one of the size we get her.

You have to ASK the butcher to cut you some. They have to have a "leg bone" there or you may have to wait a few days.

The marrow is still inside and it's soft and reminds me of hardened Crisco. I remove it before I give the bone to the girls. It looks just like hardened grease and I'm afraid they might get diarrhea from it.

There's always just a smidgeon of meat around the edge. I cut the "grissle" off, also.

They love these bones.
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