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Love Thank you All~ I'm home...

Just wanted to thank you all for the flowers 2 great arrangements made it to my room, and the phone calls from Deb and Gina, thank you guys, It has been very hard for me, being so self sufficient and needing help from others isn't easy for me to do.. but my bf, JIm has been great with Bailey while I was in the hospital, He was SOOO exctied to see me. And Toto too, he has been talking nonstop.

What started out as laprosopy turned into opening me up and removing a tumor attached to my ovary which they also removed, and it was benign. (sp) So that's all for now.
But thanks for all the wishes, the beautiful flowers, and everything. You guys are the greatest!
I love you guys.
Rhonda, Bailey, Josie and my angel Bella Rue'
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

~Anatole France~
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