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Default Inappropirate Mounting Behaviour

Is it normal for a puppy to start exhibiting 'mounting' behaviour at about 14 weeks? I've noticed Badger going to two toys in particular (both of which he plays with quite aggressively) playing with them a bit and then ending the session with a gold old hump. I had read somewhere that the mounting is a relatively benign aspect of dominance behaviour and should be discouraged so I've tried to supervise playtime with them and saying 'no' and moving him away from them for a bit until he starts playing with them normally. Doesn't seem to be working though and tonight after I confiscated them, he started humping his bed (hahaa! I shouldn't laugh but it was quite funny!)

So far he's not done it with anyone else but according to a couple of websites I've looked at tonight, this could also mean he has serious medical issues and/or behavioural issues . Anyone have any ideas? Should I just remove the toys permanently or is it too late now that he's gone for the bed? Any medical symptoms I should be looking for? Is he too young? (14 weeks on Saturday)

Thanks again for any advice!

Annie x
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