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Originally Posted by Lovetodream88 View Post
Something to keep in mind is that just because only 5 yorkies were reported doesnít mean there are not more. I know 4 this happened to that were yorkies, one of which is an extremely close friend. Itís justs not worth the risk because ONLY 5 listed were yorkies. No yorkies listed would still make me not use those foods and ingredients. Grain free was an unfounded fad that popped up with really no science behind it. Itís not just grain free though itís foods using the ingredients of peas, lentils and potatoís as protein sources.
I didn't say it's WORTH the risk. I simply stated the statictic of the complaints. The research on taurine says larger breed dogs are more at risk for taurine deficiency than small breed.
Also, I keep writing in several messages that I'm not a fan of grain free and we don't feed grain free and you keep answering my messages with "grain free is a fad" etc. Why? I'm not arguing with you.
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