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Originally Posted by lilgidget View Post
Thanks for all your suggestions and info on various dog foods. Now I just have to decide what is best for her very dry skin and weeping eyes. The Royal Canin which she's been on for 3 years isn't solving the problems.
I know I have said this before but please listen. Those arenít necessarily issues caused by the food they can be caused by environmental allergies, the wrong shampoo and so many things. Food allergies no matter what you read online are rare very rare. You would be much better off making a vet appointment and talking to the vet about what they think is going on. Switching shampoos and bathing more often might fix the skin issue or adding in a conditioner. Some dogs no matter what you feed and change still have leaky eyes. All of mine have some kind of eye boogers or drainage no matter what food they were on. Some will have those issues and some wonít. I have no issues cleaning eye areas if it means they are on a safe food.
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