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My Bailey(12yrs) and his mother Fergie(16yrs) that passed this last March, never got an ear infection. Both had ears that stand up. I do all the grooming. I started when my Bailey got kennel cough at a well known groomerís. I started watching YouTube videos and tapes. Itís really amazing how little it takes to groom Yorkies, easier with long hair which they have. Part of grooming was cleaning their ears often and baths every two weeks. I check their ears almost every day, itís easy. I comb them everyday so I always look in their ears. I keep the ear cleaner, cotton balls and Q-tips in the bathroom so there handy, and made sure they are completely dry. I found that if I tried to pluck or cut the hair out it was like I was pushing their hair back into the ears, with the Q-tip. If it was longer it stayed out and it seemed like there was actually less hair in there to worry about. Thatís just me. I wish you, Good Luck😊
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