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Default If you are struggling with nail trims

I just wanted to share a tip. We've been having HUGE problems with nails trimming to the point where his nails were quicked at the vet because he was so stressed, aggressive and wiggly. Last week he let me trim a little but it didn't do much for the length as the quick grows too long on his nails.

Yesterday I tried to trim again - no way. Tried a dremel, he was not having it, full on panic with panting and crazy eyes again(( I was at loss. Finally I realised that he'd let me file his nails with a human nail file no problem, but obviously it's not strong enough and would take hours. So I went out a got a piece of coarse sandpaper, cut it to size and glue it to the nail file and guess what!!! for the first time I actually shorten his nails significantly and it took 5-10 mins for all paws. I hope maybe it will help someone. Mike's making me very creative
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