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Originally Posted by matese View Post
Thank you for the answers.
If your pup has not had all his vaccines he should not be walked outdoors or be in a yard, he needs to stay indoors until he is fully vaccinated. He should get his rabies and distemper shots at 16 weeks old, to take him outdoors without these vaccines he is at risk of getting rabies, distemper and / or parvo. Back yards you have disease carrying animals, squirrels, mice, moles, voles, chipmunks and what ever wild life in your area, stray cats with fleas can visit your yard subjecting your puppy to getting them also.

Don't chase after him to pick him up, most puppies see this as a game, in your pups case it is scaring him. Do as you have been doing, sit on the floor and entice him with his favorite toys, have treats with you to reward him when he comes to you.

You only have him appox one week, some puppies need more time to adjust to new home, smells, sounds, different human voices. Keep the bedroom closed as you're doing. Just be patient and cheerful he has to build trust in you, he will come around.

Please, no more outdoors until he has had his last vaccine, not even your back yard.
If the back yard is fenced in and not used by other peoples dogs and a big hang out for wild life itís pretty safe. If your wanting to outside potty train itís just not reasonable to wait until two weeks after the last set of shots. I have always been lucky to have fenced in back yards so I was doing outside potty training as soon as I got them and no issues with the 7 puppies we have had over the years. Parvo and other things that come just from other dogs arenít an issue if other dogs arenít using your backyard. What you could get from wildlife would be Lepto and most do not vaccinate for Lepto anyway.
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