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Originally Posted by nanajoy View Post
Here are a series of pictures of our Gus taken by a dear friend when she came to Florida for a spring break vacation in 2017. The dogs were outside on our lanai, and Gus climbed up on a chair to look for lizards on the pool deck. After locating some, he turned and barked to alert his "brothers"...the final shot is of the three boys on the hunt!
So enjoy your photographs, nanajoy. Our Gus was a hunter, too, albeit way back then, his targets were mostly mallards in season. We had a beagle when my son was young. He was named "Hunter."

I just love your shot of trio busy tracking. My little Katy used to chase lizards. To my knowledge, she only caught one. She was so surprised--dropped the poor thing and came running to me.

Thank you for sharing.
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