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Animal Smiley 049 Baby Girl Dutch (“The Duchess”)

She has another fancy name but is "Dutch" to me and "Duchy" or "Duchess" to most others. Then there is my oh so sweet grand-niece, who calls her "Buttercup."

Dutch is full of mischief. She is a jumper and a nibbler who, on and off, has shown interest in frozen green beans, blueberries and ice. Despite high hopes, she hasn't taken to carrots or Cheerios. (I have not given up.) Her favorite chews seem to be lambs ears and bully sticks, and one of the combs from her Bamboo brush set. (Why not?) She quickly lets us know if someone forgets to reward her pee-pad activity with an inch of Easy Cheese.

Dutch is learning to play with small balls and a whole host of puppy toys. She does dance in her water dish throughout the day. I'm not going to worry about that until/unless she is still plunging away when the weather here has cooled considerably.

She rides well in the new car seat. Have not yet found a good pet purse for her--everything seems wider then I would like. For now, we're using a sling.

At night, she sleeps in just about every position imaginable. During the day she naps flopped over a Snuggle Puppy or up against an almost ancient stuffed Snoopy.

I admit to being totally and completely intimidated by the ear tip trimming routine. So much so that I may end up taking the clippers with me to her vet check (2nd) next week.

She takes a buggy ride early in the morning, before it heats up. I attach a leash to her harness. Dutch is quite social on these rides. Her tail moves like a windshield washer if she thinks something living is in her realm. She would like to be more social than the buggy will allow, so I have to hold the leash taut. We are all looking forward to her 16-week birthday when she'll be able to enjoy/explore/conquer the ground outside.

In the mean time, she's getting a lot of cuddling (and so are we). She telling me it's time to go walk now.



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