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Originally Posted by Wylie's Mom View Post
This report makes sense to me - and I think it's very thorough too.

-- They're saying they expect/hope she is increasingly eating within the next 3 days, if not - consult with them

-- I would *absolutely* be giving the Mirtazapine until you see appetite normalize

They are mentioning Helicobacter -- this may sound kind of familiar in a way bc 'h.pylori' is a Helicobacter SO common in humans and much talked about. In dogs, there are other strains of Helicobacter -- and when infectious, they can really be dangerous.

Symptoms (and link to Helicobacter page):

Poor appetite
Bowel sounds
Abdominal pain
Weight loss
Sudden death

However, I'm not exactly sure I'd rush, quite yet anyway, to diagnosing Helicobacter. The reason is bc of the stomach's proximity to the pancreas, which is severely inflamed. An inflamed pancreas can sometimes also cause a somewhat inflamed stomach lining, bc of proximity. For me, it would depend on the health of my dog and whether or not I could wait to 'heal' the pancreatitis first, and then see about Helicobacter.

The fact she has pancreatitis is really concerning - and this could take a long time to recover from. Be extremely careful with feedings - NO extra fat whatsoever. She could be very fatigued for a good while during recovery.

I also wonder about the bacteria....I think it was just a guess kind of scope or culture was done. You would probably start an antibiotic anyway based on everything going on and I bet the white count is elevated.

I too would never stray from a very low fat diet for her...she has had pancreatitis before and is probably chronic

And YES to the mirtazapine...I would not stop it even if she is eating. Not until she is back to eating normally.
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