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Originally Posted by BellymonsterMom View Post
It's too late re the Plasma and now I'm worried. I will put together a list of questions for the doctor as we only saw the nurse at discharge- he was in surgery and I didn't want to keep her there any longer.

It looks worse than I thought...and now with other concerns...liver biopsy? Huh? No one mentioned that at discharge...3 days of no eating and she goes into an oxygen chamber? Ut oh. She's sleeping now, but with tons of meds to give and a tornado/thunderstorm in our area- she'll be all up and miserable soon.

If anyone has any info about the plasma that looks on the bright side for an already bad situation, the liver scary stuff or any of it. HOW do I feed a dog meds with food when she doesn't eat on a good day? Just give them and rip up h er stomach- don't give them and she dies of pancreatitis?

Thanks in advance.
Giving her plasma was harmless. The ondansetron is to reduce nausea and the gabapentin is to reduce pain. They are both relatively nontoxic/harmless medications, and should have minimal side effects (other than possible drowsiness from the gabapentin). You can try wrapping the pills up in SMALL pieces of cheese to see if she'll eat them that way, and follow up with boiled chicken and mashed potatoes (no added salt or butter) as directed by the vet. The most critical thing is to feed her a low fat diet. The additional testing/hospitalization is for only if she doesn't improve. Let's hope she improves, and cross that bridge only if she comes to it.
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