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Hi BellymonsterMom,

Thank you for taking the time to update. I'm so happy for you (and Bella) that your pup came home. Yeah!

Perhaps I missed a notation in the discharge papers, but do you know if Bella ate while she was in the ER? If she did, what food and how much?

They recommended "Hill's low fat I/D or baked chicken with mash potato." Don't know if you have the Hills, but I say nom-nom to the latter. They have prescribed the appetite stimulant (Mirtazapine), as needed. I see the notation "12 noon tomorrow." So, maybe you serve up the chicken and mashed before then to see if she eats.***

You wondered how to administered the meds if Bella is not eating. Two thoughts--not eating is different than not drinking water. She may accept the meds and then drink a little water afterwards. In the alternative, you can inquire to learn which of the meds can be ordered as a compounded/suspension form. Most or all of my late little one's meds were prescribed that way and administered via an oral syringe. Katy didn't take pills well (er ... maybe because I was a nervous wreck in the act), but never had an issue with the liquid.

Even with compounded/suspension, some meds are to be administered with foods. If she's not eating, and you have meds (pill form or other) that direct you to administer with food, I would administer the meds once, but little-old-novice-me would call the vet's office for their okay before administering them the second time.

You had other concerns--oxygen chamber; liver biopsy.... For the next 24 hours, I hope you can take some comfort knowing she is there with you!! What's the saying, all in due time ...

Again, so happy she's home.

***I'll leave it to those more expert to weigh in on this, but have always thought pups were like humans when it came to food and water--need fluids regularly but can go longer without eating food.
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