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I hear and relate to all of your comments having had the hawk attack experience with my 4 pound little girl. She fought for her life and it was just about the worse experience of my life right down to the federal court fines and attorney expenses because they would not believe that little dog killed the hawk so they beleived I did it. $10,000 citation/fine and threatened several months in federal jail, not to mention attorney fees!

The bottom line is - we have to do everything we can to protect the vulnerable! Cali can no longer get to go out and play freely in her yard without protection. It the other side of that coin is, I watched her fight and would not have been able to stand if she had died that way.

So, yes either I am out with her, or my yard is once big lanai covered area. We make it work. Cali has also learned from that one experience to watch for the hawks. And we run drills where we go outside and check for hawks and if we see them we run run run back inside!

Good luck to alll! Let me know if you come up with a viable solution. We have infringed on the hawks' world, but it doesn't seem that we can co-exist with our little ones and the hawks.

A friend of mine said the other day that she was so tired of fighting with her kids to get into and stay in their car seats -- guess we have just got to stay vigilant and fight the good fight
. Cali , and Cali's keeper and staff, Jay
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