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Default Resizing Info.

When you resize a pic...if you want to post it on YT in a thread as a thumbnail so people can click on it, I usually resize it to about 980. My camera takes pics at a resolution of over 1200 and that's too big, so I always have to resize to post on YT.

Now...if you are a donating member, and you want to use the pic in your avatar, do it so that it's 125. Now, unless the pic is perfectly proportioned, don't do 125x125, because if you do, it will get all distorted and stretched out. If I have a pic, I normally resize to like 125x96 or so because I'm just making the exact pic smaller and keeping it proportioned.

Now, if you are a non-donating member, the pics have to be 75 or under.

Also, if you make a mistake and resize to say 100x100, don't go up to 125x125 from that tiny picture. That's why it get's really blurry. Go back to the original picture, which is probably somewhere around 1200, and then resize down to 125.

I hope that all makes sense. Oh, I use Paint Shop to resize my pics.
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