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Originally Posted by Lovetodream88 View Post
It would be best to keep him on the food the breeder has him on for a couple months so he can get used to his new home.
That is a good idea. Let him get acclimated before changing his diet. The change in environment will be tough enough for him without adding a dietary change also. Asking what people feed their dogs will get you 100 different answers. If you search through the history you will find a boatload of info on food. But it will eventually come down to a personal decision for you. Do some reading and make an informed decision. The only suggestion I have is to change it slowly. 75% old food - 25% new food for the 1st week. 50% old food - 50% new food for the 2nd week. 25% old food - 75% new food for the 3rd week. And then switch to 100% new. This will let your furbabies digestive system get used to the new food.

Congratulations on your new BFF and good luck!
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