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Animal Smiley 049 What a smart puppy!!

We bought Kahlua a ball that has a string with a ring on it that if you pull the ball vibrates. Its actually a cat's toy and was intended for our cat, but as with all of the boys' toys, Kahlua has claimed it. He was afraid of it at first, but within 5 minutes of Kahlua playing with it he had grown over his fear and learned how to hold on to the ball with his paws and pull the string with his mouth!!! He now does it over and over all day long. He will even bring you the ball for you to hold while he pulls the string!! We were so amazed. What a smart puppy at only 7 1/2 months. He's not good with learning tricks like roll over and shake, but playing with toys is his specialty.

See Kahlua in action in the pic I attached!!
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