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Originally Posted by 107barney View Post
It sounds to me like you are doing very well to care for your dog. I'm sorry to hear of her illnesses. I don't have any great words of wisdom because each person has a different way they cope with illness and life's end. I have a dog w/ a heart issue and I know that it's a matter of time before he has to say goodbye. I won't let him have bad days, and won't have him die in my arms at home, he will be put to sleep before his quality of life goes downhill. I have owned this dog since he was 8 weeks old and he is almost 15. I am very blessed to still be able to enjoy him and know that he is enjoying his life too. When that changes, I'll say goodbye. I pre-mourned his death similar to what you're going through, and once I realized that it was happening, I felt better. If you need a little relaxation medication from your physician, I see nothing wrong in asking for it. I'll keep you and your pup in my prayers.
Thank you. I believe I am on the same side of "not letting her have bad days". Tink is very attached to me, and lets me know when she is not feeling good. I believe that I know her well enough that she would prefer to not have bad days. However, I pray every night that God will not let this happen, and instead she peacefully passes in her sleep. No matter what happens, it will be very hard, but I need to be thankful of all the time, memories, and love we have had together. This little dog got me through so much in life - Thank you for your prayers
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