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Animal Smiley 019 Prozac for dogs?

Been a while since I posted anything. My little girl, Tinkerbell, is doing a little better. She hasn't had any more seizures. But, she has some new issues going on. She is 10 yrs. old now and seems to be exhibiting some senior dog behavior. She acts overly anxious in the evenings, before bedtime. She doesn't seem to know which bedroom she wants to sleep in, so therefore starts looking anxious and she'll go to one room, only to quickly exit and go to another room. By the way, in the past, she always slept in my bed, she NEVER slept anywhere else. So this is new behavior for her. If I put her on my bed she will look around, start pacing, licking her lips, yawning, then she'll jump down and go to my daughters room. She might stay there for a few hours at most then she wanders a bit. She seems a little confused as to where she should be. So, I took her to the vet yesterday, relayed all this info. To him and asked what could be done. He prescribed. Fluoxetine. This was confusing to me and I looked it up and really don't know what to think of this! It says never give to dogs who've had any seizure activity in the past, which she has. My question is, do any of you give your sweet baby dog this med. and what condition was it for?? I haven't given her any yet. I'd sure appreciate any advice someone could offer me. I was thinking she needed an anti anxiety med. but not this one. She pants very heavily too, when these things occur.
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