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Personally, I would never do LP surgery on an adult yorkie unless there were severe problems. I also will only go to a board certified surgeon .. I have seen and heard of too many jobs that ultimately ended up with a specialist after issues with a surgery by a regular vet. Does that mean a regular vet cannot be good at it? No. But no matter how good, my preference still is board certified.

What you need to keep in mind is that LP leads to torn cruciate ligaments. That is because of the in and out and wear and tear. Even if you repair the LP, you may still end up with a torn ligament ... there is no way of knowing if the ligament is worn or not and how much. SO, that is why the ortho I use advises against it...because often if you repair the knee, a few months later you can be back with a torn CCL. More money and more surgery for the poor pup.

As for preventing arthritis, my ortho says that is not true! The risk of arthritis is not that high with LP, but with a torn CCL that is not repaired arthritis can be very severe.

Now, I am sure some will disagree with these statements. To each his own...I don't shy away from surgery on my pups if they need it. Every pup I have has LP to one degree or another and they will not be having surgery. And, they are fine! What I would advise you to do is to find an orthopedic specialist and just get an opinion!
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