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Originally Posted by Doodlebug View Post
Thanks Ann. I think I would go for both at the same time too. I have heard that this surgery is pretty expensive. Maybe we will consider having it done in the Spring. He will be 11 in Feb, I Don want to wait much longer if he needs to get it done. I'm so happy to hear that he had good results! Did your regular vet do the surgery or a specialist?
My regular vet is part of a 10-vet practice, and she doesn't do knee surgeries - but she very highly recommended one of her partners, so that's who we used. He was just awesome - so attentive, calling many times after the surgery to check in about Wylie for the first several weeks.

If I recall, I think his surgery was around $1500, take or give a little. So, not outrageous compared to some things - but def not a drop in the bucket! Our Wylie is our "million dollar dog" bc he has spent so much of our money ! But he is totally worth every penny, of course, and more. He's priceless.
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