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Hi - our Wylie had LP since he was super young - like a grade 2. I'd say it progressed to a Grade 3 later, but he never ever showed a single symptom until he was 8 yrs old, when he occasionally started lifting one leg - it was at that time that we decided to do the surgery. I think we probably should've done it a bit earlier as his vet said his left knee was just a *total* mess and was very difficult to repair. He has done amazing since his surgery, now almost 2 yrs later - and has not once lifted a leg in pain or discomfort - knock on wood!

We did both knees at the same time and I wouldn't change it for anything. Sure, the first few days are challenging as you have to help them stand up to pee, using a towel under their torso for support - but they catch on pretty quickly. I only wanted to put him through this one time, so that's why we elected to go with both at once. Also, the recovery is long (relatively, to other surgeries) - so I also didn't want to put him thru 2 recovery periods.

Some people seem to have a really tough time w/ recovery, but I really do not think it was bad at all in terms of keeping activity low/slow.
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