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I work in a farming community and most people who work with farm animals do not see them as living creatures, just product/money.

I got into an argument with a farmer because he refused to understand why I think animals raised for food need to be treated with respect. I used the analogy of dogs... in some Asian countries people eat dogs and they don't see anything wrong with it. He agreed that eating dogs is disgusting. This is something that is condemned in the United States because we as a society see dogs differently. I then asked him why he thought that a pig which is a highly intelligent animal deserved any less respect than his dog. He couldn't answer me.

I went on a blind date with another farmer who knew I was a huge animal lover. He decided to tell me over dinner that he doesn't like it when PETA says they shouldn't push cows with a skid steer. He stated that when a cow fell it wasn't getting back up because it was sick or something to that extent. I asked him why they pushed the cow with a skid steer while it was still alive instead of putting it to sleep before moving the animal. His answer was that the truckers who came to pick up the cows liked to kill them themselves. Needless to say I didn't finish my dinner.
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