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Originally Posted by Lookingforone View Post
If she is not fully vaccinated, she should not be outside.
Just incase anyone else is looking to purchase a pup younger than 12weeks, you can usually put a deposit down and wait until the 12weeks are up. It is important the pup stays with their mom until then. I personally wouldn't even trust a breeder that gives pups up that young. If they don't understand that basic importance, what other kind if health procedures are they skipping out on???
This is quite presumptuous. I really don't want to get into some long, heated debate, but I will say...IMO, and in the opinion of many, social interactions are what is learned from 8 weeks up. If a pup is eating, healthy, and a person has the time and means to care for it, some actually prefer social interactions of their dogs be learned in the environment they will live in. For example, my pup came home at eight and a half weeks. I chose this as I stay home, he's been eating dry food for nearly three weeks, and I want him to learn how to behave in my home, with children, not a home full of puppies.

I know some people are going to disagree passionately with me, and I will say beforehand...I respect your opinion and choice to wait for twelve weeks or more, but not everyone agrees that it is necessary.
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