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Congratulations on your new puppy! I know exactly where Stafford, Va. Is because my family lives in Northern Virginia. My Little guy has been trained on pee pads and does not go outside to potty. That was my choice. I am so protective over him and I worry about everything because he's little ie..other dogs, frogs, hawks, alligators etc. However, he does get a walk everyday but I only walk him on the sidewalks. He is a very we'll socialize dog because my sister and daughter have yorkies and they play together. I would suggest getting a tube of Nutrical to have on hand for hypoglycemia. When I got Remy he was only 1 lb 6 ounces at 4 mths old so I would give him some Nutrical almost everyday just to avoid having hypoglycemia. With all that being said...You really need to ask your vet what would be good for your little girl. She is a cutie pie!
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