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KarmaBoomer ... definitely give the Nutri-Cal [we use the vet formula] ... we made Toto a finicky eater and have to include lots of variety for her! She mostly eats the Natural Balance [roll ... looks/smells just like Summer Sausage] ... I chop it in tiny pieces and mix in a little warmed sour cream or cheese with it ... all totalled I feed her about 1 tablespoon in the morning and at night. I keep a little bowl down with Royal Canin Yorkshire 28 just in case she isn't eating her other food! For snacks I give her a little chopped pear, apple, watermelon or sometimes add a little Gerber Graduates green beans and carrots to her natural balance! You can also cook ground turkey breast, boiled chicken or lean ground beef! However, if your baby is just being finicky ... be very careful about letting your little one gain too much weight! That's what we did! Now we have to be very "tough" and only let her eat her dog food! Our vet really gave us a good scolding because she is tiny [4 lbs] and being overweight can cause other problems when she gets older! By giving her the Nutri-Cal every day we are assured that she is getting all the nutrients and vitamins she needs ... because she is a finicky eater!!
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