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Default Need help with allergies

This week my 7yo Yorkie was diagnosed by a Vet/dermatologist as having ATOPY. I am trying to decide what to do per the three options by the vet:
1.Allergy testing ($730) = 60 or 90 pricks in the skin after being shaved. STAR is FOUR lbs. The vet said there can be problems with "small" yorkies in this testing.
2. Blood Testing ($300) = does not test for "everything".
3. Oral medicine (ATOPICA) forthe rest of her life (or until the environmental allergies clear).
So far, I have had her on antibiotics for 22 days to clear up the bacterial/yeast (in paws) and ear infection.
I have not started ATOPICA yet......
I started her twice a week baths (vet shampoo) today.
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