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Default Constant licking and bad coat?

I have a tiny 5lb female Yorkie that is fixed and a gentle male French Bulldog that is about 25-30lbs and not fixed. They both spend days outside in the cement walled back yard. They get along great. Have been together for years.

Problem is I want to grow her hair out. But he has this terrible habit. Actually they both do as she seems to love it. Of licking her constantly all over her. He can literally make almost her entire coat wet with his nasty saliva. She just stands there and loves it.

Now I don't know if there is a connection. But her hair does not grow easily. It breaks off and is constantly matted. And hard to keep clean with his constant licking. SO I just keep it cut fairly short. But I'd like to grow it out.

First solution is to get him fixed. But I also want to dress her up in some sort of old tshirt, home made coat or something. That I can replace regularly, wash regularly and is cheap. Any good ideas out there for this? Seems like pro dog show'ers must have a cheap solution for this. To keep the hair protected from damage and allowed to grow. And something that will cover as much of her body as possible. That I can wash or just throw out if they get to nasty.

Any other ideas to stop his licking?

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